Saturday, November 7, 2009

Warm Fall Day

The weather today is amazing. One week after the blustery cold Halloween and we are near 70 degrees with sun. The windows are open and the fresh air feels amazing. The dogs are so happy to be outside (though the barking at squirrels could stop anytime).

Caught Basstion mid-yawn.

And the always hard to photograph Madison with her Wiggly Giggly toy that no longer has any wiggles or giggles left. She loves it all the same.
wiggly giggly love
Now if I could ever get her to actually LOOK at the camera.

Kiwi and Biggs getting a drink, I love the long shadows and Biggs' tongue in the bowl.

And Madison playing her favorite game of all time. Jump on the toy as hard as you can and see where is bounces.
bouncing the tennis ball

I love WARM fall days with crunchy leaves underfoot!

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