Friday, November 6, 2009


Ok, Jackie of the KIPing it Real podcast has planted the seed to do photo365 and post a photo each day. I can't even blog regularly, but I'm going to try it. Especially since I have a new camera and one of the main reasons listed for taking on this project is to become a better photographer, definitely something I want to do. Something is also mentioned about sharing through flickr, but I think I'm going to try to put at least a photo on the blog every day. Even if I don't write anything. I don't think I can handle blog365 and photo365. And I care more about the pictures anyway.

Today's pictures are of Ziggy our 5 year old buff tabby cat. He came with half a tail as a tiny kitten and is really hard to photograph. But, yesterday I got out the camera and he sprawled king of the jungle style and posed. It was his day for pictures. Of course I got a bunch of not so good ones (I'm getting used to the new camera, or so I tell myself), but a few that I really like and that totally capture his easy-going nature and interesting color.



I have a suspicion during this long Minnesota winter I'll have lots of pet photos. It's just too darn cold to go outside! But, it will give me lots of lighting challenges as there is just nothing worse than the glowing cat eyes in a camera flash. As for now tomorrow is supposed to be 68 degrees and sunny. Yeah!

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