Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ten Days

I have been taking pictures every day, but not posting. Oopsie. I had an amazing birthday last week. I made some super yummy cupcakes.
And had a great birthday party at the American Legion with Jill, my parents, and lots of friends.
Jill got me flowers nine days ago and they have been the subject of most days' pictures. They amazingly still look as good as the first day she brough them home. Who would even want roses?
Don't know what the big flower is, but it's definitely one of my favorites. So pretty!

The ever-cranky Paisley even sat still long enough to get a picture (even though I didn't do quite as well at holding the camera still).

Used my ghetto swift to wind the plies for my very first 3-ply yarn.

Got my super soft batt from bohoknitterchic as my prize from the Halloween SAL.

And along with it came the Bedtime Bear batt that was my birthday gift to myself (well, one of them). I love it... so sparkly!095

And I got this great shag carpet yarn from craftypuppylover. Look how awesome it was in a ball.
And I made it into the Golden Tulip Cowl, which I LOVE.

To finish off this amazingly long post, here are a few of some Mayo Clinic buildings, out the bus window as I was waiting to leave downtown last week.

That has to cover at LEAST the past 10 days, considering these flowers are again calling me to take their picture today. They're just so darn pretty. Happy Turkey Day! :)

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