Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bagel Day

Ok, at work Wednesday is Bagel Day. We all take turns getting bagels... a way to get through Hump Day and onto the downhill to the weekend. I can't really even think of Wednesday without thinking of Bagel Day. But, then again, I love bagels, so it works for me. And the thought of just a few days until the weekend makes me happy too.

I made Wham Bam Thank You Lamb from some fiber from Homestead Wool. I LOVE how it turned out. There are some little spots of bright blue tinsel stuff that pokes out randomly (love that!) and my favorite spot is a small strand of pearls:




We have finally got our patio poured. From this:


To... well, that was a tease! I guess I haven't taken pictures of the patio since it got finished. I'll have to get some photos to compare to. We are loving it and spending LOTS of time outside.

Macy the new cat is doing very well. She fits right in and is getting into the routine of our pet-filled household.

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