Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Lendrum? Seriously?

I am getting a Lendrum. Seriously. I have been looking at the wheel for MONTHS compulsively and I took the plunge. It was somewhat... spontaneous? That sounds better than impulsive, but impulsive probably describes it more accurately. It's a DT complete from Paradise Fibers. It was a total fluke (I got my AKL from them a few months ago) and I was checking their site and in one place it said out of stock and in another it was allowing me to add it to my cart. Hmmm. Curious. I gave them a call and they said that I called at the perfect time and they were getting some in this week. I got my shipping confirmation yesterday. Yippee! I am so thoroughly excited. Now I have been reading the posts in The Cult of Lendrum Ravelry group. So much useful information and even more that leads me to believe I will love this wheel. And if I don't there are many people who would be happy to take it off my hands. :)

Last weekend I had a little time to attempt some dyeing. I had some Corriedale from Copperpot, some Merino and Mohair from H.A.Y. and some Kool-Aid. I used the microwave method from Knitty and had some pretty good luck. The Corriedale is on the left (along with one section of undyed), the final 2one on the right are the reddish Merino (black cherry). I guess I didn't get a picture of the pink lemonade/lemonade mix on the mohair, which may be my favorite. I'm happy with the results. Can't wait to card up some batts and go nuts!



I also made a Doughnut for Jill and made her pretend to eat the doughnut. She thought it was great. Or maybe she's just used to my quirks at this point. It was a really fun knit and I will definitely consider making another one.


I also spun up this yarn for another Wham Bam Thank You Lamb. I love the yarn and so far the neckwarmer is turning out really well.




The fiber was from Studioloo and was amazing to spin. I can't wait to get some more of it!

I think that sums it up, at least from the weekend. I am anxiously, stalkerishly checkig UPS and my wheel should be delivered on Friday. I cannot wait.

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