Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Lendrum Love

Ok, so I had HIGH hopes that I would be able to make Shutterfly work with the blog. It has these cute, cute, cute little slideshows you can export. But, they last about a day. Then they are no longer accessible. Not ideal. Or practical really. I'm not even sure what they think you might use them for and never need them again. But, I'm going back to trusty Flickr.

I have my Lendrum. I love it. I barely even check Ravelry anymore. It's my new favorite thing. I'm considering seeling my Babe Bulky, but at the same time I don't want to part with it (or those 2 pound holding bobbins). So, for now I am a multiple spinning wheel craft room. With little room to actually walk in the room. But, I don't need to walk in there anyway. Ha.

Here is my Lendrum, who has no name, even though I wanted him to have a name. And I do have the urge to call him Lenny, even though there are probably zillions of Lenny's out there.

The first yarn I spun on it was the second half of Brusied Ego from Spunky Eclectic.

I navajo plied on the Lendrum (bottom yarn) and the top yarn is a single from my Babe and the other half of the same fiber. I'm finding it much easier to spin finer singles on the Lendrum, which makes me very happy. I was starting to wonder if I could EVER get sock yarn, but now I'm getting much, much closer. I had a harder time getting consistently thin singles on the Babe Bulky, but still loved the wheel and made some awesome yarns on it.

I used the thick and thin Babe spun single to make Cosy's Baby Belle. SO cute. Love the pattern and the outcome.


And the second yarn I spun (and tested out the jumbo flyer), some of that Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid dyed stuff from a previous post. I filled the bobbin right up (over 6 ounces I think, but it wasn't packed on the bobbin like it could have been).

I made another Wham Bam Thank You Lamb (my 3rd!) and sent it to Jess in Colorado. It was destined to be hers for sure.

My Lendrum project of the moment is Bohemian Knitter Chic's Halloween SAL. I love Halloween. Love it. Need to get out Halloween decorations soon. This fiber is amazing and I'm having a great time spinning it.

The extras are really fun! 009

It came with the cutest little shawl pin witch's hat from Dawning Dreams 008

Now, I realize I surely have more to tell. It's been awhile. I have to upgrade Flickr because I'm almost out of free photo storage space and it's sooo easy to use (after deleting two posts that I tried to convince myself I could get the Shutterfly albums to work in) and it's not too expensive. And then I hope to be able to share all of tales.

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